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Powermocking and OOP

Encapsulation helps us to define boundaries of data and behavior within a class, though there are mocking frameworks which bend the rules of this protection. But, if you consider, is it all right to drill down through this protection layer by leveraging the reflection API and mock private methods even... Continue reading...

R in Practice: Pipes

The more I write code in R, the more I am impressed with the facilities that the language provides which is perfectly tailored to cleaning and tidying data, one of the most crucial steps in statistical analysis. As you may also admit it, failing at choosing the right tools in... Continue reading...


Once you get a job, and code for others and get paid for it, you are a professional, a part of the whole, a cell in business organism and the business needs to survive in the competitive economy. If you are working at a recognized company with a working business... Continue reading...