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How to Create a Mind (A Book Review)

The dream of emulating human brain is one of the most challenging endeavour of our time. As technological advancement is gradually speeding up and the vast amount of data giving cues about patterns of thinking, it might look like as if we indeed are not that far away from passing... Continue reading...

Protocols and multimethods

Similar in Command Pattern, that we are familiar from object-orient programming, Clojure provides multimethods and protocols which enable developers to implement such runtime polymorphism while forming abstractions in functional-fashion and implementations thereof. In this blog article, I will demonstrate an example as to explain how to leverage such polymorphism in... Continue reading...

Dockerized Java Enterprise

Since Docker containers became the new virtualization layer between the operating system and the applications, Java engineers whose job was to develop web services in the SOA epoch, had to adapt themselves to work with Docker containers, suddenly. But, how do containers change developer’s culture? As engineers in the Java... Continue reading...