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Rhino: Load Testing Framework

Rhino Load and Performance Testing Framework is a sub-project of the Rhino umbrella project and an SDK which enables developers to write load and performance tests in JUnit style. With annotation based development model, load test developers can provide the framework with metadata required for running tests. The Rhino is... Continue reading...

Liskov Substitution Principle

Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP) is a slick one. Violating this principle leads up to bugs which are hard to spot since the overriding subclasses change the internal state of the instance of the parent in such way so parent’s representation and the semantics of it is broken. Let’s have a... Continue reading...

Coroutines in Java

A few months ago, as I was attending the Devoxx’18 Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, one of the most spectacular topics which I was excitedly looking forward to following, was the Project Loom’s “Fibers”. Fibers are lightweight user mode threads scheduled by the JVM runtime — not by the Operating System.... Continue reading...