I’m a Senior Engineer of the Creative Cloud Platform at Adobe

The opinions expressed here are my own.

You can take a look at ryos.io where I maintain F/OSS projects.

I was born in 1981 in Izmir, the city lies on the most west coast of Turkey. After a still childhood I was interested in computer programming in early highschool days, which I took up as hobby, but became my profession later. I migrated in 2004 to Germany and I am still living and working in Hamburg as a programmer.

I hold bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and master’s degree in Computer Science. I am an experienced Java programmer, a mechanical engineer, a software engineer, a science and technology enthusiast. I am currently working at Adobe Systems as a Computer Scientist with a focus on Distributed Systems and Web Services. I am also a passionate hobby researcher on fields, data mining, information retrieval, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, making contributions to F/OSS projects and leading open source projects Rhino.

Besides science and technology, I am interested in photograghy and music. In my spare time, I am very engaged with playing my guitar and taking photos, that I post here along with the blogs to frame my articles crispy.

If you want to contact me, please feel free to pick one of the links on the left hand side, or send an e-mail to erhan ‘that sign‘ bagdemir ‘dot’ com.