Hi, I'm Erhan Bagdemir, a Backend Engineer.
... at Adobe Systems and here on my blog, I am mostly writing about Software Development. Apart from writing blogs and code in Java, Ruby, Go, LISP and Haskell (formerly C, C++, Pascal and Python), I am also interested in Physics and Mathematics, that I chat about in my small talks. -- about me


Lifting in Scala Partial functions are widely used in Scala. Just like their mathematical counterpart, a partial function, e.g f: X => Y, is a generalisation of functions, that don’t necessarily map every element in domain X to Y. You won’t get a... Read more

A Brief Story of flatMap The function flatMap, in Scala, is basically a binding element (and also a functional combinator) in the language and key to understand some important concepts of functional programming, and in this blog article, I am going to introduce you some... Read more

Scala Companion Objects It’s a very common approach to create new objects using factory methods in object-oriented programming as it is in Java. It allows us to decrease coupling between software components while realizing one of the most popular OOP-rule “base on abstractions... Read more